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News: Ten images for Ithaca exhibition in Athens
September 11, 2009, received from Dionysis Livanis

Lorans Duplan

Liu Fangyi

Prem Balasubramanian

Tinam Mampel

Athanasios Davlouros

Efi Iliadou

Rodrigo Machado

Lorans Duplan

Ian Noble

Anna Maria Vlassopoulou & Angelos Efstathopoulos

"Melina" Cultural Centre of the City of Athens, Greece.
66 Iraklidon & Thessalonikis str, Thissio.

Exhibition Opening: Thursday, 17 September 2009, 19:30

Dates: 17-20 September 2009
Opening hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 17:00-21:00

The visitors will have the opportunity to see the 10 winning and 132 finalist posters of this year’s Ten Images for Ithaca poster competition as well as the exhibition “I see” showing selected photographs by young Greek and foreign photographers.

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