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News: "Common thread" poster exhibition in Vancouver, Canada
September 17, 2009

Invitation card
Common Thread is a poster exhibition whose primary goal is to explore how identity is influenced by one’s emotional ties with a certain country.

Populations are more mobile than ever before and birth in a particular country no longer determines where one might live or settle. This means that the notion of us and them and the awareness of otherness might be more prevalent.

Why, when moving to a new country, do we often gravitate towards people of similar backgrounds and ethnic or national origin? Are we defined by where we are born, where we grow up, where we choose to live, by the language we speak or other notions that affect belonging and identity? Where do our values come from? When we think of home—and all that this entails in terms of emotion, memory and connectedness—where is that place?

We’ve invited 20 renowned and up-and-coming designers from around the world to offer their own answers and give them form.

Common Thread is an initiative of Seven25. Design & Typography. and is co-curated with Xavier Encinas.

Invited designers:
Albert Folch, Andreas Banderas, David Carvalho, Eva Tatcheva, Frank Philippin, Frauke Stegmann, Guido Callarelli, Harel Schreiber, Henrik Kubel, Hyperkit, Isabelle Swiderski, Jaime Barrett, Marcus Eriksson, Michael Cina, Olga Norman, Saed Meshki, Sanjit Fernandes+Bakshi, Setareh Shamdani, Silke Klinnert, Silnt, Simon Svärd, Xavier Encinas

7–17 October 2009
Emily Carr University
Concourse Gallery
Granville Island Campus
Vancouver, BC

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