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News: Exhibitions of french graphic design in Sao Paulo, Brasil
October 13, 2009, received from Christelle Kirchstetter

Exhibition poster by Rico Lins
Rico Lins and Christelle Kirchstetter curated two exhibitions on french graphic design which are presented in Sao Paulo, Bresil, at Sesc Pompeia and at Instituto Tomie Ohatke. Brasil welcome events organized for the "Year of France in Brazil".

We are pleased to present to you those exhibitions through different medias :

Our Press release : (a 123 Mb zip file with 6 jpgs !)
Our blog :
Our Website :

L'exposition en images
au sesc pompeia, sao paulo
du 24/09 au 29/11/2009

les dossiers des graphistes :

10 graphistes français et 10 graphistes brésiliens

David Poullard ; De Valence ; Fanette Mellier ; Frédéric Teschner ; Gregoire Romanet ; Helmo ; Lieux Communs ; Mathias Schweizer ; Pierre Perronet et Wijntje van Rooijen ; Trafik

Arterial ; BijaRi ; Crimes Tipográficos ; Cubículo ; Daniel Trench ; Elaine Ramos ; Grupo Piratininga ; Super Uber ; ; Ps2

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