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News: Vitrinrooz, an iranian poster exhibition website
November 16, 2009, received from Amin Salami

Poster by Amin Salami
Vitrinrooz ( is a website run by Amin Salami, a graphic designer from Tehran, devoted to showing personal and group web exhibitions of iranian and international poster designers about once a month.

Previous exhibitions included Ghobad Shiva, Pedram Harby, Kari Piippo, Mohammad Jamshidi, Farhad Fozouni, Koroush Parsanejad, Parisa Tashakori and the selected posters of the Asma ul-Hosna competition 2009 and the 10. Tehran International Poster Biennial 2009.

While the navigation of the site takes some time to get used to, imho, the quality and quantity of pictures makes it well worth a visit!

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