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News: W. Serwatowski: The polish posters for Sevilla World Expo 1992
November 25, 2009, received from Wladyslaw Serwatowski

Sevilla 92, Poster by Roman Kalarus
Poster historian Wladyslaw Serwatowski from Warsaw has written a 41 page study, in polish with an english summary, about the polish posters commissioned for World Expo 1992 in Sevilla, Spain. It is published in the Annual Revue 2009 of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland, Departement of Art History, and is based on extensive correspondence with the designers. Included are the artists who designed posters for the Barcelona Olympic Program 1992.

The article is now available for download (pdf, 3.6 Mb)

See more Sevilla '92 posters at the Polish Poster Gallery, Warsaw

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