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News: Poster campaign for a ficticious political movement in Guayaquil, Ecuador
November 25, 2009, received from Oswaldo Terreros

Hi Rene,

this is my recent project about socio-political poster, i created a fictitious political Movement: G.R.S.B. (Graphical Revolutionary for Bourgeois Supporters).

Developed majestically by the tactics of political marketing and the advertising strategies applied to the studies of markets, which put under the individual to inspection of their own psyches’ by means of the use of he himself These strategies have allowed to arrive with a greater effectiveness on the society with disquieting phrases that manage familiarity and empathy with the use of the speech to arrive at the masses, those that need that, that stimulus created by their same surroundings, such “geniuses” of the communication.

This project includes/understands of meeting politician summoned with the same strategies of advertising guerrilla made by the amateur movement for Graphical Revolutionary for Bourgeois Supporters.

This project is a satire that proposes the examination to positions taken root in the mere speech that proposes made up ends when in the end they are only present the benefit of a cupola to which Populace always will long for its presence, creating a species of image which always is that the next politician comes to you to save, and his government will save, thus showing evidently the process to you which the individual makes its auto questioning present to return to something cyclical.

Oswaldo Terreros

Download the pdf (4.8 Mb) for more details.

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