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News: New book on Roland Topor

United Dead Artists presents his new artist's book :

Roland TOPOR

32 pages in size XXL (30x40 cm) on Rives paper (170 gr).
Double black print !
Prix Public : 20 Euros

... BONUS ...
Poster 67 x 95 cm - Une vieille légende Slave:

About Roland Topor :
Roland Topor (1938 – 1997) was a French illustrator, painter, writer and filmmaker, known for the surreal nature of his work. Topor wrote the novel The Tenant (Le Locataire chimérique, 1964), from which Roman Polanski made a movie in 1976. With René Laloux, Topor made the famous animated film Fantastic Planet ("La Planète Sauvage" -1973).

Ordering information: LeWub

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