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News: Poster workshops by Pekka Loiri & Faldin Family in Tehran
received from Parisa Tashakori

Workshop poster by Parisa Tashakori & Amirhossein Ghoochibeik
The workshops of well-known designers Fallindesign studio from Russia and Pekka Loiri from Finland were two important events beside the Awakening Award Festival in Tehran that accomplished by the efforts of Parisa Tashakkori and Amirhossein Ghoochibeik at the Imam Ali Museum of art in Tehran, June 09, 2012. Finding the ideas for social posters was the first aim of these two workshops that were held from 10:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. with 64 enthusiasts chosen for the workshops. Pekka Loiri and Alexander Faldin who are two well-known graphic designers in the field of social posters, each one had their own unique characteristics in conducting their workshops. Pekka chose the slogan: We vs. I and wanted his students to shape groups consisted of 2 or 4 members and make ideas and sketch about the slogan. He intelligently tried to put his students in the way they can find their ideas logically with true understanding of the word WE.

Faldin family also conducted their workshops in their own characteristics. They tried to show their students how they can reach to creation and good ideas with psychological practices and concentration on the subject and how to use the ideas which arise from the inner essence of each designer. They finally led their students to design some posters with the environmental subjects.

At the end of the workshops, two masters in regard to the fact that all of the students had their own characteristics and features, appreciating all of them, they selected 6 designers (3 students from each workshop) as winners of the workshops and in a special ceremony students received their certifications from their masters.

After the end of the workshops, these two masters had their personal presentations in two separate parts. First Svetlana Faldina with his daughter Alexandra Faldina presented their works and explained how they design their posters in Fallindesign Studio, and in the second part, Pekka Loiri showed his works and explained how he access his ideas.

Exhibition poster by Pekka Loiri

Best posters of Pekka Loiri's class

Golbarg Kiani

Sara Manoochehrian

Saleh Zanganeh

Best posters of Faldin Family's class

Ali Pourbaghi

Mona Shams

Babak Yadgarian

More posters

Adel Sadrmomtaz

Ali Razmpa

Alireza Askarifar

Amin Derakhshesh

Amirmahdi Zahedi

Amirmahdi Zahedi

Arash Hashempour & Fariba Rahdar & Ehsan Neghabat

Arash Hashempour & Fariba Rahdar & Ehsan Neghabat

Behnam Raeeisian & Ali Emrani & Hilda Rezaeei & Hamideh Khabir

Fatemeh Abdi

Iman Arzi & Sara Manoochehrian & Ali Razmpa & Sania Hashemi & Saber Sheikh Rezaee

Leila Mohamadi & Bahareh Nodast

Mahya Mohamadi

Majid Elahi

Majid Shahbodaghi

Naser Rad

Navid Abootalebi

Reza Abbasi

Reza Abbasi

Saleh Zanganeh

Samira Ahmadian zadeh

Shima Azdar

Afsane Ertejaei-bala

Esmail Khodabandeh

Mohammad Hossein Iravani

Naser Nasiri

Sahar Aliakbari

Some pictures from the workshop

Majid Kashani, Amirhossein Ghoochibeik, Pekka Loiri, Parisa Tashakori

Pekka Loiri, Aleksandr Faldin, Svetlana Faldina, Aleksandra Faldina

Aleksandr Faldin, Pekka Loiri

Svetlana Faldina, Aleksandra Faldina

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