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News: Felicity poster exhibition in Tehran
received from Mohammad Sina Afshar and Mohammad Hajhashemi

Invitation card by Mohammad Hajhashemi

Poster for the Felicity competition by Mohammad Sina Afshar

Felicity festival's works of Italy will be exhibited in Iranian Artists House in Tehran. These works with the slogan of "Change your city, change your life" had been exhibited in 2010 in Venice, Italy, are supposed to be exposed in public eyes for 7 days from 14 September of 2012 till 21 September of 2012 in Iranian Artists House in Tehran.

The exhibition is opening at 14 September of 2012 with presence of Stefano Meneghetti, Felicity festival's editor .

The finalist are included :

Nina Holinski / Germany
Xiaochen Zhou / china
Liyin / China
Alireza Gharaguzlo / Iran
Lebedev Studio / Russia
Ali Afsarpour / Iran
Ali Soltanol'olamaei / Iran
Brunet-Garcia Advertising,inc. / USA
Sergiy Chebotaryov / Ukraine
Daniele Signoriello / Italy
Dariush Mokhtari / Iran
Babak Safari / Iran
Studio David Hillman / UK
David Dowling / Irland
Tzu-Shuan Lu / Taiwan
ELisa Kint / Belgium
Adva Noach | Tal Tamir | Ittai IIani / Israel
Fengming Li / Taiwan
Mohammad Ghasim Hossainy / Afghanistan
Genevieve Raiche-Savoie / Canada
Zhiming Li / China
Jamie Fox / UK
Anna Chechetka / Russia
Andrea Franci / Italy
Kourosh Beigpour / Malaysia
ku hanzi | liu fangyi / China
Semdaji Hichman / Germany
Jirawit Yamkleeb / Thailand
John Murdoch / UK
Afshin Esmaili / Iran
Massimiliano Boschini / Italy
Mohammad Hajhashemi / Iran
Mr Yeung Pak Chuen / China
Olga Bukhalova / Russia
Manuela Roncon / Italy
Tan Xiaofei / China
Paolo Tonon / Italy
Mohammad Adnani / Iran
Fabian Garcilita / Mexico
Mohammad Afshar / Iran
Ruixin Ju | Xiaosi Zhang | Shan Lu | Shiqing Jia / China

Shortly after publishing the news above, I received the following message from Mohammad Hajhashemi: Dear Mr waner I m organizer of the exhibition of the felicity festival poster in Tehran . the news that you put on your site is not true .
Mr cina AFSHAR, send this news without organizing it with me so her explanation about festival and name of member is wrong please deleted this news or change them with my explanation that I put in this link. Few days ago I put some news in your address in face book but you passed up it. This is a link of the news that you put on your site.

Mohammad Hajhashemi's version of the event appears below. I leave it to you, dear reader, to guess what is really going on in Tehran.

Poster by Mohammad Hajhashemi
IAF to display works of finalists at Italian graphic design festival

The Iranian Artists Forum (IAF) is scheduled to display works by the finalists of the FeliCity Festival, an Italian graphic design event in 2010, in an exhibition from September 14 to 20.

Forty graphic designs were displayed at the festival, which was held in Venice in October 2010. The festival had selected the motto "Change your city, change your life".

The exhibit has been sponsored by the Environment and Sustainable Development Office of the Tehran Municipality to get people to recognize the importance of the motto.

The secretary of FeliCity Festival 2012, Stefano Meneghetti, has been invited to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibit, which will be held at IAF's Zemestan Gallery.

The exhibition organized by Mohammad Hajhashemi.

The FeliCity Festival aims to express, manifest, symbolize and imagine solutions for a better city capable of improving the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Pictures from the opening of the exhibition, by Majid Hamed Haghdost:

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