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News: Uwe Loesch receives The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany
Received from Uwe Loesch

Uwe Loesch in Berlin in front of the Prussian Icarus on the Weidendammer Bridge, built up in 1895
Lifetime Achievement Award 2013 of the Federal Republic of Germany for Uwe Loesch

We are happy to announce that the internationally acclaimed and multiple award-winning graphic designer Uwe Loesch received the Lifetime Achievement Award 2013 for his extraordinary work and career. "Intelligence can actually be entertaining! The proof of this can be found in the posters designed by Uwe Loesch as they are carried by subtleness, double entendre and true artistic design. Uwe Loesch is the first German graphic designer to blur the borderlines between art and design, politics and comedy, and maybe even between left and right." Fons Hickmann, Member of the Jury

The official German design award „Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland“ (The Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany) is the most prestigious German award in the design field. It is also traditionally called the „Award of Awards“, founded in 1969 by the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology. The award show took place on September 12, 2013 in Berlin at the Ministry of Economics and Technology.

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