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News: A poster for Posterpage from Uruguay
received from Sebastian Santana

Poster by Sebastian Santana Camargo, c. 2007
Sebastian Santana, a graphic designer born in Argentina and now living in Montevideo, Uruguay, recently wrote me Hello Rene,
I'm following your site since many years ago, and one or two times, you had the kindness to publish my work, something that I'm very grateful.

Today, looking for some old files in my computer, I found this design, made 10 years ago. It's very simple, but I think still having a little of grace, at least as a way of say Ąthanks!

I hope you like it.

Un abrazo,

I appreciate this kind of motivating mail very much, and have added the poster to the growing collection of Posterpage posters.

Then I visited Sebastian's website and am even more honored that such a great artist finds time to make a poster for Posterpage!

More posters by Sebastian Santana Camargo from his website.

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