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News: Happy Easter 2017!

Wesolego Alleluja! Frohe Ostern! Khristos voskres! Hristos a inviat! Some of the greetings I received

Prof. Heinz-Juergen Kristahn

Galeria Plakatu i Designu, National Museum Poznan. Designer Elzbieta Wasiuczynska.
(I like how the happy poster curator is tenderly grabbing the fertility symbol. )

Sergei Veprev

Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu, Warsaw, design Mieczyslaw Piotrowski

Piotr Mlodozeniec

Leszek Szurkowski

Ioan Cuciurca

Slawek Iwanski

Sebastien Marchal
(Dont't hide easter eggs in the garden
but have the kids search for them anyway.
It will give them a taste for the job market)

Szymon Szymankiewicz

Krzysztof Motyka

Radovan Jenko

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