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News: Cedomir Kostovic celebrates 25 years of teaching graphic design
received from Cedomir Kostovic

Cedomir Kostovic, The equality of people, 1989
Cedomir Kostovic is a world renowned designer, widely recognized for his social and political commentary through poster design. With 25+ years of being a pillar and beloved professor of the graphic design and illustration program at Missouri State University, Cedomir Kostovic is close to retirement. To celebrate, his former students are organizing CEDO25+, a retrospective of Cedo's work plus new work by his alumni.

The organizers are Lucas Roy, Adam Bowlin and Aimee Pong and they plan an exhibition from October 18 27, 2017 at Missouri State University, Springfield MO (US), a book and catalogue with contributions from Cedomir's friends and a poster sale. Submissions will begin May 20.

Read more and browse Cedomir Kostovic's website.

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