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News: The First Wu Zhonghao black and white graphic Workshop Design Award
received from Wu Zhonghao

Workshop poster by Wu Zhonghao
Wu Zhonghao black and white graphics workshop of third stations and the first session of the Wu Zhonghao black and white graphics Workshop Design Awards held in Arts and media, Kunming University of Science and Technology, teachers and students of the Department and the Department of industrial design and a total of 250 people participated in the teaching activities of visual communication, A total of 108 works were created in the three day workshop, selected from the Grand Prix of 1 pieces, 2 pieces of gold and silver 3, bronze 4, 10 award of Excellence Award, 20.

Wu Zhonghao, teacher, designer, curator, tutor, mainly engaged in graphic effect research and exploration of psychological feelings and emotional feelings, seven graphic effect teaching method in application of professional art and design colleges and universities, explore and research experience in the field of operation effect graph decomposition business design graphic design works participated in psychology domestic and international competitions and awards, including the German Leipzig International Poster Biennale first, the "GRAPHIC" poster unit Platinum Award, Poland International Poster Biennale political Honor Award, guide students had won the prize in the important events at home and abroad, including the Italy A design award runner up, the tenth Iran international font competition two gold awards, Twelfth Ukraine COW international design award first prize award, the ninth Czech Prague International Biennale of graphic design award, North Beijing International Design Week green Poster Contest bronze, Germany Leipzig International Poster Biennial best Poster Award, France POSTERFORTOMORROW International Poster Festival TOP100

Grand Prix, Lu Ran, Ring 1-1

Grand Prix, Lu Ran, Ring 1-2

Grand Prix, Lu Ran, Ring 1-3

Gold Prize, Gao Wei, Man

Gold Prize, Li Jiguang. Pollution

Silver Prize, Yu Mengxuan, Drunk driving

Silver Prize, Zhang Chunyan, Emotion

Silver Prize, Zhao Qiumei, Water

Bronze Prize, Xu Deli, Environmental protection

Bronze Prize, Yuan Chu, Freedom

Bronze Prize, Cao Yu, Kunming University of Science and Technology

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