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News: German School Golden Bee Academy in Montenegro
received from Sergei Serov

Kotor, Dukley Art Center, August 21 - September 3, 2017
Kristina Huber, Eike König, Alex Jordan

If you only learn design, but seek to deepen the understanding and broaden the vision of the profession; if you work in design, but you are sucked routine, you feel emotional burnout and loss of semantic reference points; if you want to learn from European luminaries, leaders of the profession; if you are averse to plunge into the beautiful sea and invigorating creative atmosphere to unleash your creative potential and feel revitalised; if you want to spend the upgrade and reboot their knowledge and skills, to get rid of professional stereotypes and to gain the experience of harmony and inner freedom, then come here.

Classes are held on the shore of the Bay of Kotor, the only fjord in southern Europe, in the fantastic natural and historical place where the sea is adjacent to the ancient cultural monuments. Kotor - the pearl of the Mediterranean, a city from the list of world heritage of UNESCO. Dukley Art Center - international center for contemporary art with galleries and art residences contemporary artists from around the world.


  • Professor Eike koenig (Germany) - founder, owner and creative Director of the iconic Berlin Studio HORT, who won the title of "visual leader of Germany."
  • Professor Alex Jordan, AGI (France-Germany) - member of the legendary poster group GRAPUS and NOUS TRAVAILLONS ENSEMBLE.
  • Ksti Hu (Germany) - the young German designer and teacher.
  • Professor Serge Serov, AGI (Russia) - president of GOLDEN BEE GLOBAL BIENNALE
    Typography, poster design, concept and creative technology, design-sketching, design-thinking and design-feeling, real projects for the portfolio. Practical classes, exclusive of lectures, unique training that combines intensive learning with an active summer holiday.

    450 EUR, for students 250 EUR.

    July 20, 2017:

    The nearest airport is Tivat, 10-15 minutes by taxi. he options are: Podgorica (capital of Montenegro) and Dubrovnik (Croatia), they are 2 hours by bus.

    Hotels in Kotor are relatively expensive. August is the peak of tourist season. Students usually cooperate together in 3-4 people and renting apartments. They use, or other internet services, or use the clues of the students previous schools. They are easy to contact via the facebook groups, the links are here: or with help and consultation of local organizers (


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