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News: A poster for a photo exhibition in Tehren in memory of Abbas Kiarostami
received from Saleh Zanganeh

Poster Tawaf-e Derakht (Going Around the Tree) by Saleh Zanganeh
Abbas Kiarostami (1940 - 2016), the famous iranian movie director, died one year ago, on the 4th of July.

Many memorial events are now held in Tehran, among others a special session of the Iranian Graphic Designers Society and an outdoor photo exhibition by Mohammadreza Keiwanfar with the title Tawaf-e Derakht (Going Around the Tree), for which Saleh Zanganeh, the young and very active and talented iranian graphic designer, has made the poster at left.

He also sent a few pictures from Tehran with his poster or the exhibition.

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