WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 16th Internatl. Poster Biennale Warsaw 1998
Prizes Stars Students Fans Street art Troxler in Warsaw

Student exhibitions

The yearly exhibition of the works of the students of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts happend on the weekend of the Biennale opening. Remember, this is one of the worlds breeding grounds for top poster designers, the place where , for example, Henryk Tomaszewski taught, for example, Alain Le Quernec a few years ago.

Posters, 9 kb
The Academy is located on Krakowskie Przedmiescie, a beautiful avenue that leads right to the Royal Castle, and the students invite the passers-by to their exhibition with a large billboard
Student exhibition 
	  of Prof. Wasilewski, 8 kb
I was particularly interested in Prof. Wasilewski's students, as I had done an exhibition of his posters a few months ago. This is the entrance of the student exhibition.

Posters, 10 kb
More student posters of Prof. Wasilewski's class
Posters, 9 kb
Posters, 7 kb

Prizes Stars Students Fans Street art Troxler in Warsaw

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