WEB EXHIBITION - Happy New Year 2005

Here are some of the New Year's greetings that I got. Thank you dear friends, and have a happy 2005 too!
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Michal Batory, France

Tahamtan Aminian, Iran

Shen Haopeng, China

Andrzej Olawa, Poland

Peter Gyllan, Denmark (press "refresh" on your browser to activate the picture)


Vladislav Rostoka, Slovakia

Lourdes and Luis Almeida, Mexico

Liu Shaoyong, China

Guy Schockaert, Belgium / Isfahan


Christophe Gaudard, France

Luba Lukova, USA

Akihiko Tsukamoto, Japan

Takashi Akiyama, Japan


Pascaline Minella, France

Piotr Mlodozeniec / The Art of Poster, Warsaw

Ahmed Chardi, France


Bi Xuefeng, Yang Li and Liu Yan from Imagram Co. in Shenzhen (CN) sent me a calendar for 2005 in the form of 12 postcards. This is the cover.


January, back side

Animations and pdfs
Andrea Rauch, Italy  Alexander Faldin, Russia  Andrey Logvin, Russia  Hassan Karimzadeh, Iran  Philippe Apeloig, France

Sabina Antoniszczak / 2+3D, Poland

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