WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 100 beste Plakate 1998

Designers and their posters

Are all posters self-portraits of their creators? Who knows? Here is a little study on this subject:

8 kb Gunter Rambow
Theater poster
13 kb The poster in the background, for the Gemaeldegalerie Berlin - by Ott & Stein - shows the portrait of a young lady painted by Petrus Christus in 1470. 4 kb
Niklaus Troxler
Jazz poster

11 kb Theater poster
Bertolt Brecht, 1953
Berliner Ensemble
7 kb
Karl-Heinz Drescher
7 kb Poster for an exhibition
of 18 Brade theater posters
at Bad Lauchstadt
7 kb Helmut Brade

10 kb Theater Poster 11 kb Dieter Feseke

7 kb
Monika Aichele
11 kb 11 kb 8 kb Sylvia Neuner

Intro Winners Troxler's Rede Designers Experts Stuttgarters Street Pub

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