WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - A student poster project in Germany and Japan

This web exhibition accompanies the current exhibition Transcultural Communication - Posters Germany >< Japan, at The Japan Foundation (Japanisches Kulturinstitut) in Cologne (Germany), 13 January to 28 February 2006. A project by Helmut Langer with students of the ecosign/Academy for Design in Cologne and the Nagaoya University of Arts in Japan. The following text and pictures were kindly provided by Helmut Langer.

Christine Fenner

Denise Graetz

Elmar Sander


Transcultural Communication Germany >< Japan

A students' poster project

In an impressive transcultural project, 18 students of the Ecosign Academy for Design in Cologne, Germany, and 17 students of the Nagoya University of Arts - Faculty of Design - in Nagoya, Japan, both renown private educational design institutions, produced their creative interpretations of the others' country.

How do the Germans see Japan? What associations do the Japanese have when they hear the word Germany? What is Japan, what is Germany - reduced on a poster? The answers to these questions produced on the posters are entertaining, contain surprising new insights as well as traditional clichés.

As part of the briefing to the German group, the students took part in a workshop on Japanese design and Japanese culture. The Japanese students not only got a similar briefing about Germany, but also undertook a nine-days trip to Germany, visiting many cities and places, e.g. the Brothers Grimm Museum in Kassel and Neuschwanstein Castle.

In the design phase the two groups of students exchanged sketches via e-mail, to gather initial comments and evaluations of the sketches.

Both poster series were exhibited in co-operation with the German Goethe Institute during the "Germany in Japan Year 2005/06" throughout Japan, e.g. in the International Center in Nagoya and in the Goethe Institute in Kyôto. In July the exhibition was "the hit" on the campus of he University of Nagoya. Other universities want to display the poster exhibition, e.g. the Dôshisha University in February. The international magazine NOVUM - World of Graphic Design - published a report in its November issue.

The unique bilateral project is also accepted for the programme of the "2005 Japan-EU Year People-to-People Exchanges" of the Japanese Government.

Vice versa the project is reflected in Germany. The exhibition of both series is displayed in Germany at the Japanese Culture Institute in Cologne in January and February 2006.

© conception and curator: Helmut Langer, high quality graphic designer and expert for global communication projects, guest professor at Nagoya University of Arts, Japan, and at Ecosign Academy for Design in Cologne, Germany.
Co-ordinator and project manager in Japan: Professor Kazuo Mizoguchi, Nagoya University of Arts.

Tomomi Abe

Hiroe Ando

Mika Ikehata

Emanuel Steffens

Giulia Schneck
Atsumi Kojima

Ayako Suzuki

Janine Braun

Judith Karbach
Emi Kimura

Keiko Ogawa

Kerstin Gerhards

Aya Ogura

Takehiko Sasaki

Matthias Kaiser

Max Moehlmann
Aika Shiratori

Haruna Tachikawa

Michael Brandt

Miranda Tomczyk
Mami Takata

Eriko Taketani

Nicole Franke

Till Mosler
Yukako Yamazaki

Kazuha Yamada

Alex Huenerfeld

Chikako Iida

Andrea Grips

Hirono Minoura

Dennis Broer

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