WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Foundations of Typography   B

The lovely character B has occupied the minds, and challenged the creativity, of some of the worlds best poster designers:

Armin Hofmann, 1950

Armin Hofmann, 1963

Jan Rajlich, 1966

Dan Friedman, 1973

Ernst Roch, 1974

Ruedi Regg, 1979

Sandor Pinczehelyi, 1985

Alain Le Quernec, 1986

Niklaus Troxler, 1987

At. Yale Graphic Design, 1987

Jan Solpera, 1988

Bulent Erkmen, 1991

Kan Tai-keung, 1993

Wieslaw Rosocha, 1995

Wang Xu, 1997

Michel Strauss
(from Jan Rajlich's guest book)

Shen Haopeng, 2000

Yurdaer Altintas, 2000

Lech Majewski, 2001

Leonardo Sonnoli, 2005

Mario Eskenazi, 2009

At. Lamosca, Barcelona, 2013

At. Burkhardthauke, 2013

Krzysztof Bialowicz, 2014

We are happy to report that our research departement has recently uncovered an ancient poster of archetypal dimensions which might explain the hypnotic fascination of the character B:

Georges Allard, 1963

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