WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Guy Saggee from Israel

2004, Art and War
Poster for an Exhibition. commissioned by The Israeli Center for Digital Art.
  2006, Build-Rebuild-Resist
3 posters designed for the artist Yael Bartana. A documentation of builders, rebuilding a house that was ruined (in east Jerusalem) by the Israeli authorities, functions as a base for a future movie. A propaganda made to serve and accompany the movie and also as a call for an action. The portraits of the Palestinian workers are replacing the Image of the Zionist settler.

2007, Cases of Murder
Posters for Ruth Kanner Theatre Group. An adaptation of Manfred Franke's "Cases of Murder"
  2006, History Started Playing With My Life
Poster for an Exhibition. commissioned by The Israeli Center for Digital Art.
  2007, Domov-Home
A poster done in collaboration with Yasha Rozov for the The Home International Poster Project
  2008, Let The Pants-Shitters Lie
From the Haunted Letters series: a poster size etching. The sentence was lifted from a document written (probably) by Ulrike Meinhof, initiator of Germany's violent and militant left-wing group Baader-Meinhof

2008, DAUGHTER FOR BETROTHAL / We Did Not Try Hard Enough
From the Haunted Letters series: These double posters were made for an exhibition in Berlin called "Israeli Shots". The Brothers Grimm tale of Hansel and Gretel was drawn into the Latin ABC, Each letter depicting the tale's scenes from start to finish. This new singular "type-face" was used to embed various readings into the posters: DAUGHTER FOR BETROTHAL / SEEKING A MALE SCION / OF TEUTONIC STOCK / TO JOIN IN WEDLOCK / TO AN INFANT BRIDE. / TO STRIKE ANEW / THROUGH SACRED VOWS / LONG SEVERED ROOTS
  2005, 4. Activism Festival
From a series of 4 posters in 4 languages (Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English) done in collaboration with Mushon Zer -Aviv. Made for the 4th Activism Festival. The people portrayed in the posters are the city's residents and when the posters being placed one next to each other, a panoramic image of a great assemble of people.

2008, When You Have To Shoot / Hairy Organs-Noble Heads / Marrow Bones
From the Haunted Letters series: two new type-faces were made: The English font depicting the Pogroms against Jews in the Ukraine (17th century). The Hebrew font is based on the legend of The Wandering Jew. both narratives where drawn into the ABC, Each letter depicting the events from start to finish. These type-faces are used for writing texts of heroism and manhood.
  2004, Loosing.ctrl
Poster for Loosing ctrl. - a festival for sound-art performances. Collaboration with Mushon Zer -Aviv.

2008, Maarav
Promotional poster for Maarav (ambush in hebrew) - an art & culture online magazine
  2003, Hilchot Shchenim (Neighbors)
In 2003 The Israeli Center for Digital Art has started an exhibition trilogy dealing with the concept of neighbors through the use of new-media art. For the first exhibition we used a famous Israeli children book called 'An apartment for rent' by Lea Goldberg. In the story the animals in an apartment building are looking for a new neighbor to move in after the mouse left. For the second exhibition which revolved around tactical media and the thin line between art and activism, we turned to the Greek mythology for narrative reference. We made a mix of the myth of the beautiful Siren with the enchanting voice and of the myth of Pereseus who used the Gorgon's head for a shield. The third poster uses, again, a children's story image: 'Eliezer and the Carrot'. The exhibitions deals with Globalization and it's influence on artistic work. collaboration with Mushon Zer -Aviv.

2001-2003, TLV Posters
Posters and flyers for the TLV club in Tel-Aviv. Right from the start two decisions where made: the first was that the graphic language will become an opposition to the norm of designing for the electronic music world (especially a rejection of the fractal/ vector language that seemed to dominate the scene at the time) in order to establish differentiation. The second was to combine all the party posters into a full series. Thus each poster and flyer where numbered. In the three seasons (2001 to 2003) about 85 posters where printed. Each poster and flyer had to be conceived in one day, and printed in the next one. This urgency polarized the pieces and made for an eclectic series. There's a gap between the amount of details invested in the flyers and their natural place - dumped in the street. The piece doesn't give up the complexity and keeps the tension between high and low, slow digestion and fast decline in the street.

Guy Saggee
Guy Saggee (b.1968) is an Israeli graphic designer, artist and lecturer. Since 2001, operates his studio, Shual (Fox), specializing in various aspects of visual communications, with particular emphasis on culture and politics. He graduated at the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem, with a Bachelor degree in Visual Communication Design (1994) and from the School of Visual Arts, New York, with a M.F.A (1998). Teaches at the Visual Communication Departments at the Bezalel Academy for Art & Design, Jerusalem and at the Neri Bloomfield Academy for Design, Haifa.


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