WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Czech movie poster master Jaroslav Fiser (1919-2003)

This web exhibition accompanies a current exhibition of movie posters by the czech graphic designer Jaroslav Fiser at the Terry Posters shop in the lobby of the Svetozor cinema in Prague, Czech Republic. Pictures and text were kindly provided by Pavel Rajcan.

Jaroslav Fiser

Born 10th of October 1919 in Prague, died 21st of June 2003. Graphic artist, typographer and exhibition designer.

Studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague (1937–1939 and 1945–1946; Oldrich Blazicek, Cyril Bouda, Martin Salcman), at the Applied School (1941–1943) and at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (1945–1946; Josef Novák). Has exhibited on his own since the 1940s. Member of the group Bilance (Balance; since the year 1992). Over the years 1959–1987 created one hundred-four film posters.

Award winning film posters: 1976 Silver Hugo at the International Film Festival in Chicago (The Apple Game).

1958, Czechoslovakia at the Brussels World Fair

1961, Two women

1962, The tempest

1962, The revolt of conscience

1962, Vanice

1963, Cleo from 5 to 7

1963, The canal

1964, The Magnificent Seven

1965, The story of All Saint´s Day

1965, The people from Menilmontant

1965, Invitation to the dance

1966, The visitor

1970, The party

1980, Calamity

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