WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Graphic Advocacy poster exhibition in Boston

This web exhibition accompanies a poster exhibition at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston MA (US). Text and pictures were kindly provided by Elizabeth Resnick.

Graphic Advocacy:
International Posters for the Digital Age 2001-2012
  • Stephen B. Paine Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts USA

  • Dates: January 15–March 2, 2013

  • Opening reception: Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 6:00–8:00 p.m.

  • Curator: Elizabeth Resnick, Professor, Chair, Graphic Design, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
    Email: Elizabeth.Resnick@massart.edu / ElizRes@gmail.com

  • The catalogue will be a large hardcover poster book to be published by Vivays Publishing Company Ltd, London, in Fall 2013 . There will be 150 poster images in the book including the 122 poster images from the exhibit.
  Graphic Advocacy curator's statement

"Now, instead of a mass audience consuming media from a single source, we have multiple sources, multiple channels and multiple audiences. Every participant is potentially a sender as well as a receiver of information, and the barrier to entry is no longer the fortune required to set up a TV station or a newspaper, but the price of a PC and an Internet connection. Much of contemporary political graphics in particular is designed with the internet in mind…with the steady growth of broadband connection, a full-color poster can be created as a digital file small enough either to send by email or to download from a website set up for the purpose, and printed by the recipient in as many copies as necessary or simply passed on digitally."
- Colin Moore, Propaganda Prints: A History of Art in the Service of Social and Political Change, A+C Books, London, 2011

As a medium for social change, posters record our struggles for peace, social justice, environmental defense, and liberation from oppression. From the confrontational and political, to the promotional, persuasive and educational, the poster in all its forms has persisted as a vehicle for the public dissemination of ideas, information and opinion. Posters are dissent made visible-they communicate, advocate, instruct, celebrate, and warn, while jarring us to action with their bold messages and striking iconography. Posters also serve as a potent visual manifestation of a designer's commitment to society when non-commissioned posters are created as vehicles to raise money to support political and humanitarian causes.

Ready access to broadband and mobile communications and to digital production technologies has expanded the poster's role well beyond the limitations of the printed surface, and in its wake has created a modern tool for support and protest. These new technologies promote truly global conversations coupled with unprecedented opportunities for changing attitudes or showing defiance or solidarity. With its mix of both low-tech and high-tech, of old and new, the poster, in all its forms, is still a core component of 21st century advocacy.

Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the Digital Age 2001-2012 showcases 122 empathetic and visually compelling messages for our time.

Elizabeth Resnick
Boston, Massachusetts
January 2013

Lioness Free Political Prisoners

Takashi Akiyama
Earthquake Japan Tsunami

Onish Aminelahi

Onish Aminelahi
Stop War

Eduardo Barrera Arambarri

Frank Arbelo
Because this mouth is mine!

Beehive Collective

Eric Benson

Eric Benson

Eric Benson

Rich Black
Direct Action

Rich Black
Occupy Oakland

Blaiklock David
Contamination Poison in the Water Cycle

Richard Boynton
Wink Voodoo

Michelle Brook
Bleed Out Katrina

Anthony Burrill
Oil & Water

Francois Caspar

Francois Caspar
Iran September 2009

Antonio Castro
Bilateral Damage

Antonio Castro
Migrant Workers

Savas Cekic
Mexican gulf poster

Chen Fang
We Are One

Chen Fang
We Are One

Robbie Conal
Patriot Inaction Katrina

Laurie DeMartino
Hurricane Katrina

Marion Deuchars
Where is My Hope

Lex Drewinski

Ashraf Refaat Elfiky
In Oil We Trust

Eric Drooker
Occupy the Streets

John Emerson
war on poor

Ivan Gazdov

Carlo Paolo Espiritu
Piti Piti Haiti

Extra Credit Projects
Reflect 911

Matt Forsythe

John Foster
Hurricane Katrina

Mauro Gatti
Help Japan

Milton Glaser
I Love NY More Than Ever

Mona Goudarzi
Just veiled allowed

Mark Gowing
Oil Kills Peace

Goetz Gramlich
Hope for Sichuan

Goetz Gramlich
Mighty Mouse

Kit Hinrichs

Hilppa Hyrkas
Stop climate change

Jesse Haley
Occupy Boston

EU vs Europe

Methane Studios

Asher Jay
Dolphin Drip Disaster

Kaiser + Sonin
Wake Up Occupy

Justin Kamerer
Weapons art

Justin Kamerer
Weapons Cook

Kim Kwang-Su
Help Japan

Ilja Klemencov
They Can Disapper

Lucus Krull
Support Japan

Sebastian Kubica

T Kuribayashi
Earth Heart Our Good Earth

T Kuribayashi
No more Fukushima

Mehdi Saeedi

Anita Kunz
I will not be silenced

Jude Landry
Octopus Vulgaris

Scott Laserow

Catarina Lee
Global Warming

Yossi Lemel
Fukushima Mon Amour

Andrew Lewis

Li Haiping

Leo Lin
Global Warming

Dave Loewenstein
Tip of Iceberg

Pekka Loiri
People of Iran

Shane Luskie
Where will the animals go

Shane Luskie
Where will the birds go

Susana Machicao
Gender Education

Juan Madriz
Septiembre 2001-2011

H Matsuishi
Lives in Danger

Belen Mena
Japon Afiche Marzo 2011

Belen Mena
Year of Forest

Jessica Moon
Senbazuru Japan

Gustavo Morainslie
Happy Meal

Anthony Nagy

Linda Nakanishi
Japan 2011

Ng Jin Yee
Your Best Gift for Her

Brian Niemann

Pouria Oriany
Help Japan

Istvan Orosz
Global Warming

Mervi Pakaste
Vote for Freedom

Harry Pearce

Kari Piippo
Where is My Vote Russia

Laur Prpich
Caribou Creative Haiti

Andrea Rauch

Viktor Barrera
No More Landmines

Moises Romero
Rat in Dove's Clothing

Mehdi Saeedi
Child Labour

Noah Scalin

Mohammad Sharaf
Saudi Women to Drive

Oliver Soden

Joe Scorsone & Alice Drueding
Alternatives to War

Joe Scorsone & Alice Drueding
FEMA Red Tape

Joe Scorsone & Alice Drueding
FEMA Turtle

Joe Scorsone & Alice Drueding
Nuclear Power

Marlena Buczek Smith

Marlena Buczek Smith
Haitis dream of clean water

Marlena Buczek Smith
Oil spill gulf of mexico

Giulia Spanghero
Bleeding H.

Lanny Sommese

Lanny Sommese
Time to Come Home

Lanny Sommese

Ben Stahl

Astrid Stavro
Poster For Japan

Shino Suefusa
No More Fukushima

Parisa Tashakori
Flight for Democracy

Parisa Tashakori
Petroleum Peace

Julia Thomas
30 Reasons

Michael Thompson
HAITI Earthquake Relief blue

Gregoire Vion

Anita Wasik
Close Guantanamo Bay

Joe Wirtheim
Break New Ground

Rus Wooton
Wake Up

Erin Wright
Death is not justice

Dmitry Zakharov
Russian Doll

Maziar Zand
Europe Today for Tomorrow

Maziar Zand
Our Modern Family

Egor Zhgun

Paul Zwolak
Free Iran

Am I Collective

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