WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Zapata vive ! Mexican posters for peace in Chiapas

These pictures are a selection from those sent to me tonight, March 10, 2001, by Leonel Sagahon, a member of a group of young mexican designers called Fuera de Registro and La Corriente Electrica (a mexican reincarnation of GRAPUS I think), together with the following text:

El Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional ha llegado a la Ciudad de Mexico.

Para darles la bienvenida, para apoyar las justas demandas indígenas, para exigir paz con justicia y dignidad; hemos producido estas imágenes. Ayudanos a difundirlas. Úsalas, compartelas, imprimelas. Se necesita la participacion de todas y todos para exigir al gobierno mexicano que cumpla las condiciones para regresar al dialogo por la paz.
  1. Reconocimiento constitucional de los Acuerdos de San Andres sobre derechos y cultura indigena.
  2. Libertad a todos los presos zapatistas.
  3. Retiro del ejercito federal de las poblaciones de los Altos de Chiapas.
Mexico DF, marzo 2001.
Fuera de Registro, La Corriente Electrica.
The EZLN has arrived to Mexico City.

To welcome them, to support the indigenous people claims, to demand peace with justice and dignity, we have produced these images. Help us to distribute them. Use, share, print the images. We need every one's help to demand the Mexican Government the following conditions to re-initiate the peace negotiatons with the EZLN.
  1. Constitutional recognition of the San Andres Agreements about Indigenous Rights and Culture.
  2. Freedom to all the zapatista prisoners.
  3. Withdrawal of the Mexican Army of the Chiapas Heights.
Mexico DF, march 2001.
Fuera de Registro, La Corriente Electrica.


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More pictures and explanations from Leonel arrived tonight, March 12, 2001:

  • Fuera de Registro and La Corriente Electrica produced these images. They are 4 x 5 cm each, printed on glued paper (like postage stamps) and 75,000 were distributed last Saturday and Sunday while the EZLN commanders were arriving to the city. We invited a lot of designers, not only members of our two groups. Different underground gangs of young guys (punks, taggers, skaters, etc) helped us to distribute and glue the stamps all around the city. It is possible that some other organizations print some t-shirts and one poster using some of the images. We are trying to fight back the official desinformation.

  • !YAPA$ is a word and typographic game. ˇYA PAZ! means PEACE NOW . It is referring to the attitude of the major TV companies that now are promoting a commercial version of the pacification process. Last week they both promoted a huge rock concert for peace. Some other images are referring to the same situation.

Ya Paz ! (Peace now !)

Peace is no TV concert

Peace - cleans your conscience - as advertised on TV

Peace with justice and dignity

A clay figure with the mexican flag

  • The people that participated in this project are Ricardo Lopez, Rafael Lopez Castro, Margarita Sada, Alain Le Quernec (France), El Fantasma de Heredia (Argentina), Andres Ramirez, Ricardo Pelaez, Edgard Clement, Heraclito Lopez, Alejandro Magallanes and Leonel Sagahon. Fuera de Registro and La Corriente Electrica only made the production, invited and coordinated the designers. Those who participate are not necessary members.

  • The image with the man with the dead trees is by Rafael Lopez Castro. It is part of a poster series made almost three years ago to remember and claim justice for more than 40 women, children and old people, that were killed in their own church while praying in Acteal, a little village in the conflict zone of Chiapas. The cold blooded killing was made by a para-military organization with the knowledge and protection of the local and state police forces

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