WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - International invitational poster exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan

Text and pictures received from Leo Lin, President of Taiwan Poster Design Association

Exhibition poster by Leo Lin
Revolve the City Through Design

Taipei was chosen as "2016 World Design Capital". With our main theme "keep improving the city and achieve the vision of life", we try to use design as a media to encourage the innovation of city, in order to revolve the city. How can designers devote themselves? How can design activate the value to the city and the environment? Poster Design Association Taiwan has invited designers from more than ten countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Japan, USA, South Korea, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic etc. to participate in the event. Well known designers, Katsumi Asaba, Shigeo Okamoto, U.G Sato, Shinnoske Sugisaki, Tai-Keung Kan, Freeman Lau, Jianping He, Uwe Loesch, Niklaus Troxler, Stephan Bundi, István Orosz, Henning Wagenbreth, Fons Hickmann, Vladimir Chaika, Jan Rajlich Jr., Peter Pocs, Gitte Kath, etc. are going to share their opinions and have a cross-cultural conversation with us. It will be a good opportunity to learn from one another, and to explore the definition of creativity in different countries.

International design lectures:
10.00 AM - 5.00 PM, 28 November, 2015: Jianping He, Kumnam Baik, Istvan Orosz

Exhibition: 28 November - 3 December 2015
Location: Te Chun Gallery, National Taiwan Normal University (No.1, Shida Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106)

Andrej Hascak

Ben Wang

Benny Au

Boris Ljubicic

Frantisek Borovec

Brad Tzou

Cheng-Hisen Sun

Cheong kuok wai

Chun-liang Hsu

Civi Cheng

Elizabeth Resnick

Fa-Hsiang Hu

Faldin Family

Fong Man Wai

Fons Hickmann

Gitte Kath

Han Jiaying

Henning Wagenbreth

Ho-Chieh Hsu

Freeman Lau Siu Hong

Yu-Ling Kuo

Hsin Wen Chen

Hung Chang Lin

Peter Pocs

Hung-Tu Ko

Istvan Orosz

Istvan Orosz

Jack Yang

Jan Rajlich jun.

Janson Tsai

Jennifer Tsai

Jen-Ping Wu

Chen Jheng-Chang

Jia-jeng Li

Jianping He

Karel Aubrecht

Kan Tai Keung

Kan Tai Keung

Katsumi Asaba

Kumnam Baik

Kuo–sung Yeh

Lei Cheng Cheong

Lex Drewinski

Lex Drewinski

Uwe Loesch

Naomi Hui-chen Huang

Niklaus Troxler

Norikazu Kita

Park Kum-jun

Pavel Benes

Pavel Noga

Sheng-Chuan Chang

Shigeo Okamoto

Shih-chieh Hung

Shin-Fu Lee

Shinnoske Sugisaki

Sophia Ling-hung Shih

Stephan Bundi

Sung-te Tsai

Tomasz Boguslawski

Toyotsugu Itoh

U.G. Sato

Vladimir Chaika

Wei Liao

Yosuke Okamoto

Yu Chen

Zhang Tong

Boris Ljubicic

Horng-Jer Lin

Wu Yong

Some pictures from the opening:

Leo Lin greeting Istvan Orosz

The lecturers Jianping He (DE), Istvan Orosz (HU) and Kumnam Baik (KR)

Jianping He with his poster

Istvan Orosz and a translator

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