WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Black & white posters from Wu Zhonghao, China

Text and pictures received from Wu Zhonghao

Wu Zhonghao
Wu Zhonghao Born in 1985 in CHINA

Domestic black and white graphics psychological feeling the effect of the first to explore the diode color independent creative expression, and enjoys a high reputation in the International Festival of graphic design, has been invited to 2014, 2015 for two consecutive terms as Italy a international design award for the final assessment of the judges, 2015, 2016 for two consecutive terms as K-DESIGN Award International Design Award Gold Plaque Award competition unit the final judges, 2015 Mexico International Poster Exhibition international jury, 2015 International Poster reggae music festival international jury, 2015, the 12th Ukrainian COW- International Design Award for the final judges, the eleventh session of the Shenzhen Fair will digital creative design exhibition judges.

Guide the students to participate in domestic and international design competition awards: Twelfth Ukraine COW- International Design Award cow themed competition unit first, free poster unit first, commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Design Fair Gold Medal of the establishment of Shenzhen, the 9th Ukraine International Poster Triennial Award nomination, the 8th Skopje international student Poster Exhibition 100 best Works Award, the ninth Turner tile Slovak International Poster Triennial merit award, eighth Czech virtual Prague International Design Biennial award of merit such as.

Individual design works international awards: the graphis "Grand Prix, Leipzig International Poster Festival Grand Prix, the German Political Poster Biennial award, Italy a international design award silver, bronze, HIIIBRADN font competition silver, bronze, American Los Angeles IDA International Design Awards Jury Award, eighth session of the Ukraine International Poster Triennial review on Book Award, first prize in the international exhibition of graphic design, Italy, Italy GOOD50X70 best design award, Iran Weibula International Poster Biennale best design award etc..

In the twenty-fourth Poland Warsaw Biennale, Finland Biennale eighteenth, nineteen, three in Lahti exhibition, the thirteenth Mexico Poster Biennale, nineteenth Colorado Biennale invited, eighth, the nine session of the Slovakia Biennale eleventh three watt Turner, Moss cockin bee Biennale, fourth Poland Political Poster Biennale, eighth Czech virtual Prague International Design Biennial, fifth Bolivia International Poster Biennial, fourteenth Poland International Poster Biennale Reshufu drama, the seventh Sophia international exhibition stage for three years, the eighth session of the Aarhus International Poster festival in Denmark, the eighth Asian graphic design exhibition in three, the fifth Beijing International Art Biennale, etc..


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