WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Posters against Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen

I received several poster pictures during the last few weeks, expressing critique and protesting against two right-wing politicians: Donald Trump, newly elected President of the United States, and Marine Le Pen, presidential candidate in the coming elections in France:
  • from Joon Young Kwun, South Korea, and Chaz Maviyane and Marlena Buczek Smith, USA, pointing out that the US has always been a land of immigrants, criticizing Trump's restrictions of immigration from islamic countries.

  • Vahid Haghi, Iran, sent some samples from a recent "Trumpism" exhibition in Urmia (IR), curated by Amir Khatai Khosroshahi, featuring 28 posters by 17 artists, criticizing the "the violent and warmongering character of Trump", as reported by the Tehran Times.

  • I found many anti-Trump posters through Google image search and assembled them on a pinwall in Pinterest (register to see all 44 pins). The majority are unfavorable portraits of Trump in the style of the Obama posters designed by Shepard Fairey, that went viral for Obama's election 8 years ago.

  • Jean-Paul Bachollet sent a poster designed by Alain Le Quernec about the right-wing "Front National" party and its leader Marine Le Pen who is as controversial in France as Trump is in the US. The poster uses the word play "PEN PIN PON", with PEN for the party leader and PIN PON for the noise in the streets or the sound of a fire engine coming to extinguish the fire set by the Front National (which has a flame in its logo). Maybe the symbolism is understood in France.

Joon Young Kwun

Chaz Maviyane-Davies

Marlena Buczek Smith

Vahid Haghi Tomatari

Neda Hazrati

Saeid Sheikhbaglu

Nasim Kargarnejad

Reza Ghafari

Hadi Arjmand

Amir Khataii

Amin Akbarnejad

Various Trump posters from Pinterest

Stephanie Goede

Faustyna Szymczak

Michalina Nowacka

Monika Kosciuszko

Marta Stolarczyk

Noemi Markwas

Alain Le Quernec

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