WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Selected entries for the Biennial of Posters Bolivia BICeBe 2017

Received from Susana Machicao. Please see the original website for more information.

The preselection jury selected 340 posters, among them 34 animated gif posters, from 6444 entries received from 71 countries. These posters will be shown in November 2017 at the BIENAL DEL CARTEL BOLIVIA BICeBé, and an international jury will pick the best from them.

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Category A: Published posters on cultural topics and activities

Category B: Published posters on political and social issues

Category C: Published posters on on advertising, commercial, products or services

Category D: Unpublished posters on the topic: ELECTRONIC WASTE

Category E: Unpublished animated GIF (Free subject)

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