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If you think a great typographer has to look like one of the tough guys above, it's time to get to know the one below:

Photo RW
Catherine Zask
in Chaumont, 2003

You find more information on Catherine Zask in the excellent web exhibition from Pixelcreation.
All posters below are silk screen prints in 2 or 3 colors, 120 x 175 cm.

2001 © Catherine Zask
"Macbeth summed up in one line would be: 'the madness of power hunger'. This is what I've tried to display: domination, force, foulness, stabbing."
2001 © Catherine Zask
"In 'Rain', the lines change direction when they go through the filter of words. It's also what I like in life: that it's made up of crossings, experiences that transform us. I wanted to set up an ensemble that would interconnect all the elements, where rhythm, motion and coherence were materialized. The key theatrical elements are present: on stage, rain was represented by a curtain of metal ropes, lines crisscrossed on the floor, and there was repetitive music composed by Steve Reich. " The poster 'Rain' was awarded the Grand Prix at the 20th biennial of graphic design, Brno (June 2002).
Tete d'or
2001 © Catherine Zask
"A symbolic representation of typography used in a radical fashion. The violence of the text is echoed by the word 'tete' (head) cut in half."
Le Chant des balles
2001 © Catherine Zask

2002 © Catherine Zask
"This poster grew out of the idea that when you dance to Cap Verde music, you sway: that's why the letters are disjointed: they're swaying. François had some input on the thickness of the letters and added the transparent effect. I think this enriches the idea. Together, we finalized the composition and the colors." (François Malbezin was Catherine Zask's assistant at the time)
La Tribu Iota
2002 © Catherine Zask
"The two points echo each other. The composition is based on non parallel slants from which lines branch out, generating an explosion in the poster."
Merce Cunningham
2002 © Catherine Zask
"For this poster, I used Alfabetempo seven years after its creation. It is obvious that what's written here is "Merce Cunningham". There is a great deal of black, it 'grabs' your attention and remains enigmatic. People often think they see an architectural reference; those familiar with the choreographer's work see traces of the floor projections he uses onstage… I simply wanted to do something in the vein of John Cage's philosophy, where "the idea of collaboration had to respect a principle of total independence from the various media, and not the integration of one by the other" (Julie Laty) by spotlighting a very personal aspect of my work: Alfabetempo."
The 2002-2003 season - L'Hippodrome
2002 © Catherine Zask
"The season's program whirling in spirals."

Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg
2002 © Catherine Zask
"Looking at a photo of the orchestra, I was amazed by the number of people on stage. 150 musicians! I wanted to represent swarms of people by these 150 shining dots. All the dots are interconnected, creating pathways and interactions."
2002 © Catherine Zask
"I wanted to simultaneously evoke power and ruin. I printed 'Platonov' in bold type, I cut out and crumpled the paper, and then took a picture of it. A plastered wreck, Platonov goes to pieces and crashes at the bottom of the poster. An anti-Macbeth."
Allegoria Stanza
2003 © Catherine Zask
"Dotted lines like footprints, eleven paths for eleven dancers. On another plane, a blue screen evoking video décor."
2003 © Catherine Zask
"A music-hall show made out of scraps, with garish costumes; flashy, hilarious, extravagant, marked by British wit. I couldn't resist shaking up the letters."

See more posters of Catherine Zask at her web site www.catherinezask.com

The famous typographers at the top of this page are, from left to right, Garamond, El Lisitskii, Jan Tschichold, Wolfgang Weingart, Bruno Monguzzi, Morteza Momayez, Wladyslaw Pluta and Philippe Apeloig.

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