WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Vivamus! at the Galerie Anatome

All these beautiful people who came to the opening of the exhibition are graphic designers, except Marie-Anne Couvreu, who is the head of the Galerie Anatome, Laure Albernhe, her assistant, and Guillaume Frauly, a graphic design journalist and promoter.

Michel Bouvet

Vanina Gallo & Anette Lenz

Zbigniew Januszewski-Engel

Catherine Zask

Laure Albernhe

Etienne Robial

Emanuelle Not & Philippe Chat jun.


Guy Schockaert,
Former Icograda president 1997-99

Marie-Anne Couvreu & Peret

Guillaume Frauly, with a Tshirt from the russian graphic design magazine KAK

Laurence Madrelle & Catherine Zask

Intro Peret Morais Ferrer Raul Taeger People

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