Pictures from Rene Wanner, 2002.12.06, from the 4. Krakowski Festiwal Plakatu 2002

Litfass column with festival poster by Piotr Kunce in front of the Palac Sztuki (Art Palace) where about 400 posters were displayed.

The jury announcement: Jacek Cwikla, Marian Oslislo, Maciej Buszewicz, Piotr Kunce, ?, The Mayor of Cracow, Krzysztof Dydo, ? (left to right)

Jury members Marian Oslislo, Maciej Buszewicz and Piotr Kunce in front of posters by Bartosz Tymosiewicz

Krzysztof Dydo, the initiator of the yearly Poster Festivals in Cracow, in front of posters by

Poster by Michal Batory (left)

The hand is a poster by Maciej Wozniak for the movie "The Pianist"

Roman Kalarus

Poster by Monika Starowicz for an exhibition of the students of Kalarus

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