Pictures from Lourdes Zolezzi and Rene Wanner, 2002.12.05, from the 5. Computer Art Biennale 2002 in Rzeszow, Poland

The exhibition took place in the old synagogue in the center of Rzeszow, today used as exhibition hall. Before World War 2, one third of Rzeszow's population was jewish, none have remained.

Han Jiaying from China, 1. prize, in front of his works

The works of Han Jiaying, left, and of Brayo Braykov, center

Brayo Braykov from Bulgaria, 2. prize

Award ceremony with Brayo Braykov, Lourdes Zolezzi, the jury president Wladyslaw Serwatowski, and Han Jiaying

Lourdes Zolezzi from Mexico, 3. prize, beside her work "How beautiful is life" and "Terrorism"

A series of works by Hiroyuki Ueno from Japan

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