WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 5. Triennale of Eco Posters "4th Block", Kharkov 2003

Laureate exhibition: Vladimir Chaika

Vladimir Chaika from Moscow, winner of the second prize in 2000, is best known for his enthusiastic temperament, his hair style, and last but not least for his minimalistic posters. Once, when we were looking for a place to eat in Brno, and Chaika was leading the pack, somebody remarked "if you blindly follow Chaika, you may not get where you wanted, but you will for sure wind up in an exciting place".

He is also a creative typographer, as I noticed in his laureate exhibition in Kharkov, although the point is sometimes lost if you are not familiar with russian type and language. Here are some samples of his work:

In pre-1990 times, the russian liquor stores frequently run out of beer, and then put a cardboard sign in their window on which it said "piva net" (no beer), a common sight. The Chaika version also simply says "piva net".

By moving a few letters, Chaika changes a LOVE poster into an cyrillic hommage to OLEG Veklenko.


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