WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - 8. Tehran International Poster Biennial 2004

Mohammed Ehsaei - Calligrapher

Mohammed Ehsai's logo for the Academy of Art
Mohammed Ehsaei writes about his work in the Biennial catalogue :

Throughout the years calligraphy has been considered in Iran as a national and noble art, and in the Islamic world, as it is the only way of illustrating the heavenly verses -among the experts and artists it is scrutinized and accepted to be the "heavenly art".

As a calligrapher, during 45 years of teaching and continuous work I have gathered a number of calligraphies, epigraphs calligraphy paintings, and two samples of relief pottery with dimensions of 450 square meters and 230 square meters. But as a painter, with a personal impression from this national art and an abstractive view, I have produced works that are well known as "Naghashi Khat" in Farsi or "Painting Calligraphy".

In these works, news and story telling were deciphered from combinations of letters, well known by the Iranians as a means of communication. I have used this technique in my works and by that I have found fully personal combinations, the visual structure of which is architecture of words.

They are poetry-like pieces which in a viewer's perspective look like texts without any misconception; white parts and black parts are two separated texts of the same story. These will take the viewer to a purely imaginary and magical world of words. ...

photo RW
Mohammed Ehsai

Posters are only a small part of Ehsaei's work:

1984, The 2nd Congress of Culture

1986, Iran in Bologna, art exhibition

1991, Iranian Art Festival Duesseldorf

2002, In memory of holy Zahdra and Imam Khomeini's 100th birthday

Some pictures from the exhibition

Mohammed Ehsaei and Ahn Sang-Soo, the typographer from Korea

Martin Pedersen gives an interview in front of the relief pottery

Reza Abedini with one of his students

Painting calligraphy

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