WEB MEMORIAL EXHIBITION - Masuteru Aoba (1939 - 2011)

Masuteru Aoba graduated 1962 from the Kuwasawa Design Research Institute. He then joined Orikomi Co. Ltd. In 1969 he established the A&A Masuteru Aoba Design Office. His works have been awarded frequently, at home and abroad: ADC Award, 1972; gold, silver and bronze awards at the Japan Magazine Advertising Awards; second prize, International Graphic Design Biennale, Lahti, 1980; Grand Prix, International Biennale of Graphic Design, Brno, 1982; gold award, International Poster Biennale, Warsaw, 1987; NY ADC International Exhibition Gold Award, 1992; design of the first official poster for the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, 1993; bronze award, 5th International Poster Triennial, Toyama, 1997; bronze award, 5th Inter­national Biennale of the Poster, Mexico, 1998; second prize, Trnava Poster Triennial, 2000. Masuteru has also been honoured with solo exhibitions in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Canada, Chaumont, Poland and elsewhere. (from AGI)

The poster pictures on this page are from Gurafiku, a collection of visual research that encompasses the history of graphic design in Japan.

Born July 18, 1939 in Tokyo
Died of esophageal cancer in a Tokyo hospital on July 9, 2011.

Masuteru Aoba

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