WEB MEMORIAL EXHIBITION - Tadeusz Andrzej Lewandowski (1941 - 2012)

Photo R. Wanner
Echirolles, 2002
Photo R. Wanner
Chaumont, 2007

Woman now! c. 1978
Tadeusz Andrzej Lewandowski
1941.07.09 Warsaw (PL) - 2012.07.04 Paris (FR)

was a french graphic designer of polish origin. He had his studio at the famous Bateau-Lavoir on Montmartre in Paris, where Picasso worked from 1904 to 1909. I visited him once there, in the naive hope to find some leftover Picassos in a dark corner, but the place was modern and well lit. Lewandowski instead gave me one of his posters, the one at left, for which he had received a Honorable Mention at the First Biennial of Political Posters in Mons (BE), and invited me for dinner in a polish restaurant. From then on, I called him Pan Tadeusz, as a sign of respect, after the well known figure in polish literature. Lewandowski was a teacher at Cergy-Pontoise and Maryse-Eloy. I met him many times at the poster festival in Chaumont, and miss him.

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