Morteza Masoodi
1980.10.29 - 2004.04.01
Morteza Masoodi approached me one evening in February 2004 at the Hotel Laleh, where the guests of the 8. Tehran Poster Biennial were staying. He had brought a friend with him to help with translation, and I took a few pictures of them. He proudly showed me his poster in the Biennial catalogue, and gave me a letter and a CD with 16 of his works. The letter said: Hello
I hope you had a good stay in Iran.
I thank you from your travel to Iran .
I am Morteza Masoudi. I am 23 years old. I have tried to
use your participaition in Iran in best way. I prepare a
CD of my works that want you to look at them and please
send your ideas about them to my email. I explain a text
after each work. I thank you again .
My attempt to wake up.

Morteza Masoudi
When I finally contacted him, it was too late. Mehdi Saeedi wrote me the sad news that Morteza Masoodi had died in an accident. How I regret not telling him my admiration for his work ..

The pictures below are in the same order as on the CD, and the comments are Morteza's, in original spelling.

Abass Sahab. He is the father of geography in Iran. The face of him plane on unolit to resembel of earth

Winter theater. People are awaiting of a man with big size are long hands come.

Make up room theater. A woman lived in 3 tense and each time she saw her self past present future.

Thousand hands theater. A curtain covered ploticul facts and after opening cartain all things become clear. (in Biennial catalogue)

Fight of Ashoura. There is a man in religious that is holy for us he join to history afther to fight with foes.

Moon theater festival

Conferance industry of advertising in Iran

Undr taker theater

Based film Afghanestan not finished poem

Against war poster. The writthing on right hand is peace and writting on left hand is war

Pipe theater. A man changed to dog during the pass of time because of receive a bribe

Moon theater festival

Ability of Mazandaran. In the hands was planed Mazandaran

For sympathc to Bam people recent ear

Conferance industry of advertising in Iran

Biography Morteza Masoodi
born October 29, 1980 in Tehran, died April 1, 2004
Graphic designer, decorator, TV actor
Diploma as graphic designer, Maleke Ashtar University of Technology, Tehran
Mons (BE), 9th International triennial of the political poster, 2004
Tehran (IR), The 8. International Poster Biennial, 2004
Tehran (IR), The first poster festival young Tehran, 2004
Tehran (IR), The first exhibition of theater posters, 2003

Below are some very private pictures from Morteza Masoodi's family that his friend Mehdi Saeedi sent me. I hesitate to show them here. After announcing Parisa Tashakori's baby on Poster Page, I had some very positive reactions, but also some comments that the personal character of this web page is going too far.

I include the pictures nevertheless as I believe that death is part of life, and trying to ignore this is not good. I also hope that the page will show to Morteza Masoodi's family and friends that we are with them, and care about their boy and will not forget him.

Morteza's family. His own picture is marked by green tint.

Morteza (center), together with friends, two days before his death

Death announcement, about 20 x 30 cm, is posted in the streets

A sign at the cemetery pointing to Morteza Masoodi's funeral

The mourners touch the body for a final farewell

The grave

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