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Rosmarie Tissi
1988, for an adult education program
Rosmarie TISSI
b. 1937 in Schaffhausen (CH), living in Zuerich (CH). Attended the Kunstgewerbeschule in Zuerich, followed by a 4 year training as graphic designer. Shares a studio with Siegfried Odermatt since 1968, member of AGI since 1974. Her work received numerous international awards, among them the Gold Medal at The Warsaw Biennial 1986, the Silver Medal at the Triennial in Essen 1990, the Bronze Medal at the Toyama Triennial in 1994. Her work has been shown in many international exhibitions. She is a sought-after jury member and has judged poster competitions for example in Colorado (US), Toyama (JP), Mexico (MX), Sophia (BG) and Tehran (IR).

Odermatt and Tissi work indepentently of each other, although there is obviously a close feedback among them. Both are masters of typography and work mainly for cultural events. Rosmarie Tissi has succeded to combine the disciplined and sometimes rigid approach of "swiss style" with playful and colorful experimentation.

Homage a Toulouse-Lautrec, with a biography (Yanef)
Odermatt and Tissi exhibition at GGG Gallery in Toyko
International Poster Gallery, 13 posters

Rosmarie Tissi
1981, Summer theater festival
Rosmarie Tissi
1996, Swiss posters of the year 1996
Rosmarie Tissi
1996, Serenades, a music festival
Rosmarie Tissi
1997, Serenades, a music festival

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