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Winners of the 20th International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 2002
Information from the press kit

See the official Biennale web site for the call of entries and more information.


The Organization Committee of the 20th International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 2002 has nominated the lnternational Jury as follows: Michel Bouvet, France, Lei-Mei Julia Chiu, Japan, Iva Janakova, Czech Republic, Uwe Loesch, Germany, Karel Misek, Czech Republic, Peter Pocs, Hungary, Michael Rock, USA, Guy-A. Schockaert, Belgium, Ralph Schraivogel, Switzerland, Zdenek Ziegler, Czech Republic. Vaughan Oliver, Great Britain, did not attend the jury meeting due to extensive work load. Ales Najbrt, president of the Biennale, and Jan Rajlich, honorary president of the Biennale, were also present at the jury deliberations.

The International Jury, consisting of ten members, opened their deliberations on Sunday, June 16, 2002 at 9 am. The proceedings ended on Monday, June 17, 2002 in the afternoon.

Having thorougly examined all the exhibited works, the Jury have awarded the prizes on the basis of an assessment of their artistic and functional qualities.

The Selection Committee has submitted a total of 1350 exhibits by 344 authors and creative teams from 42 countries. The International Jury have examined them in the exhibitions held at the Museum of Applied Arts and at the Governor's Palace, Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic. In the course of their deliberations, the Jury have noted a continuous interest in the Brno Biennale on the part of a wide range of artists. The proceedings ended with the awarding of prizes. The main objective was to highlight the artistic quality of the works.

Japan (73), Czech Republic (47 authors and creative teams), and Germany (25) presented the largest collections. The Jury Members have affirmed a representative presence of the world artistic production at the 20th Biennale.


Michel Bouvet Graphic designer, Paris, France
Leimei Julia Chiu Director of Global Networks and Marketing and the International Design Centre, Nagoya. Japan
Iva Janakova Art historian, Prague, Czech Republic
Uwe Loesch Graphic designer, Duesseldorf, Germany
Karel Misek Graphic designer, Prague, Czech Republic
Vaughan Oliver Graphic designer, London, Great Britain
Peter Pocs Graphic designer, Budapest, Hungary
Michael Rock Graphic designer, New York, USA
Guy Schockaert Graphic designer, Bruxelles, Belgium
Ralph Schraivogel Graphic designer, Zurich, Switzerland
Zdenek Ziegler Graphic designer, Prague, Czech Republic


Catherine Zask, France, Grand Prix Brno Biennale 2002
Tadanori Yokoo, Japan, The ICOGRADA Excellence Award
Alain Le Quernec, France, The BEDA Award
Category I - Posters Melchior lmboden, Switzerland, Medal for the Best Design
Seiju Toda, Japan, Medal for the Best Design
Niklaus Troxler, Switzerland, Medal for the Best Design

Category 2 - Corporate Identity, Information and Advertising Graphics

Nick Kapica, Germany, Medal for the Best Design
Anette Lenz, France, Medal for the Best Design
Norito Shinmura, Japan, Medal for the Best Design

Special Awards

Kveta Pacovska, Czech Republic, The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic Award
Jan Tomas, Czech Republic, The International Jury Special Award for the Best Social Poster
Stepan Malovec, Czech Republic, The Alphonse Mucha Prize for Poster
Wing Kei Leslie Chan, Taiwan, The Mayor of the City of Brno Award
Gunter Rambow, Germany, The Union of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic Award
Erich Brechbuehl, Switzerland, Design Prestige - International Award for Design
Studio Dumbar, The Netherlands, TypoDesignClub Award

Critics Award

Yossi Lemel, Israel, for the poster "Seam Line"

Grand Prix
Catherine Zask

BEDA Award
Alain Le Quernec

ICOGRADA Excellence Award
Tadanori Yokoo

Critics Award
Yossi Lemel

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