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Winners of the 1st China International Poster Biennial - Hangzhou 2003
received 2003.10.22 from Chen Zhengda, Associate Secretary General of CIPB2003, see also the Call for entries, and the official web site for more details.


The jury of the 1st China International Poster Biennial consisted of Yu Bingnan (President of jury of CIPB2003 , AGI , China), Chen Shaohua (AGI , China), Michel Bouvet (AGI , France) , Ralph Schraivogel (AGI , Switzerland), Robert.L.Peters (President of ICOGRADA, Canada) , Wang Yuefei (AGI, China) and Zhao Yan (President of CIPB2003 , China) , during the sitting on Oct. 16-17 , 2003 in Hangzhou China, after viewing 2070 posters submitted by 520 designers from 40 countries decided to award the following prizes:

The Grand Prize to : Niklaus Troxler (Switzerland) for the poster "Christy Doran's New Bag "

Series A (Cultural Posters)
The First Prize to : Yuan Youmin (China) for the poster " Feeling Style "
The Second Prize to : Pierre Bernard (France) for the poster " Jules Grandjouan "
The Third Prize to : Erich Brechbuehl (Switzerland) for the poster " Prettier than you "

Series B (Public Campaign Posters)
The First Prize to : Han Xu (China) for the poster " Wooden Horse"
The Second Prize to : Alain Le Quernec (France) for the poster " Baby does not like to smoke "
The Third Prize to : Tiina Palokoski (Finland) for the poster " Freedom of Expression "

Series C (Commercial Posters)
The Second Prize to : Norito Shinmura (Japan) for the poster " Water drops "
The Third Prize to : Rick Valicenti (U.S.A) for the poster " Nillennium "

Jury awarded 7 equal special prizes to :
Leonardo Sonnoli (Italy) for the poster " Tradurre tradire condurre condire "
Catherine Zask (France) for the poster " Rain "
Uwe Loesch (Germany) for the poster " I is something different "
Mitsuo Watanabe (Japan) for the poster " Victory "
Yang Zhen (China) for the poster " Ambiguity "
Reza Abedini (Iran) for the poster " Manouchehr Motabar "
Deng Huihua (China) for the poster " No Title "

Here are the winning posters:

Reza Abedini

Alain Le Quernec

Pierre Bernard

Catherine Zask

Deng Huihua

Erich Brechbuehl

Han Xu

Niklaus Troxler

Tiina Palokoski

Rick Valicenti

Norito Shinmura

Leonardo Sonnoli

Uwe Loesch

Mitsuo Watanabe

Yang Zhen

Yuan Youmin

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