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Winners of the International Poster Triennial in Lahti (FI) 2017

Please see the original web site or the Call for entries for more information.

The digital registration to the Poster Triennial ended on 15 December, 2017. Approximately 2100 posters by almost than 700 designers from 60 countries from all over the world were offered for the exhibition. The competition committee selected 345 posters from 33 countries to be displayed in the exhibition.

The members the International Jury awarding the prizes are Fons Hickmann (DE), Tomasz Boguslawski (PL), Parisa Tashakori (IR), Erich Brechbuehl (CH), Klaus Welp (FI). They awarded the following prizes:

  • Grand Prix
    Jianping He (DE), Design X Taipei, 2015

  • Grafia Tapani Aartomaa - Prix
    Mark Bohle (DE), Nam-nam! Yum-yum!, 2015

  • Lahti Prix
    Yuan Wang (DE), Polis Posters by Uwe Loesch, 2016

  • Environmental Posters, Lauri Tarasti Prize
    Piotr Depta-Klesta (PL), Relay race, 2016

  • Independence Poster Price
    Eemi Rasanen (FI), Epic, 2016

  • Certificate of Honour:
    André Baldinger, Toa Vu-Huu (FR)
    Francois Caspar (FR)
    Chun-Wei Chen TW)
    Andreas Golde (DE)
    Goetz Gramlich & Klaus Staeck (DE)
    Mykola Kovalenko (SK)
    Mehdi Mahdian (IR)
    Simon Roth & Lisa Pommerenke (DE)

Here are some of the winning posters:

Jianping He

Mark Bohle

Yuan Wang

Piotr Depta-Klesta

Eemi Rasanen

Andre Baldinger & Toa Vu-Huu

Francois Caspar

Andreas Golde

Goetz Gramlich & Klaus Staeck

Chun-Wei Chen

Chun-Wei Chen

Chun-Wei Chen

Mykola Kovalenko

Mehdi Mahdian

Simon Roth & Lisa Pommerenke

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