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Winners of the International Poster Competition to greet World Expo Shanghai 2010
received 2006.11.04 from Ahmadi Pouya, prize winner

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Judges in the “International Poster Competition — to Greet World Expo 2010 Shanghai” announced the major prizewinners on October 18. China designer An Jiayuan’s work “The city in the sky” won first prize. The second prizes went to Netherlands designer Floor Wesseling’s “I Shanghai Shanghai” and Japan designer Nakazawa Sadayuki’s “3 billion smiles”. The third prizes went to China designers Yan Kai, QIn Yang, Hu Xueqin and Iran designer Pouya Ahmadi.

Shanghai International Poster Competition was hosted by the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality, the Foreign Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination and Shanghai Library. Since the competition opened in May, it has attracted warm interest from professional designers, students majoring in art and design and design buffs all over the world. In the end, the committee received more than 2,200 entries from 33 countries and districts, including the United States, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Singapore, Malaysia, Iran, Malta, China’s mainland and Hong Kong. Entries vary in style and content. Some describe the typical scenery of Shanghai city; some focus on the cooperation and communication between city and country; some pay attention to the “harmonious city” and the great changes and charms of Shanghai. The chairman of judges Mr Han Binghua says: The aesthetic value of these entries surprised the judges. Many entries combine originality, art factors and professional design techniques, the world and China, and Shanghai characteristics as well.

Famous art colleges like the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the China Academy of Arts and Shanghai Institute of Visual Art (Fudan University) all urged their students to participate in this competition. The judges were Alexander Gelman (the United States), Hon Bingwah (Hong Kong), Lise Klint (Denmark), Shin Matsunaga (Japan), Shen Haopeng (Chinese mainland), Wang Min (Chinese mainland) and Wang Yuefei (Chinese mainland). The international judges and other well-known international designers will offer their own works for the exhibition.

The judges also awarded eight honor prizes and 130 qualified awards. Detailed information is available on the official Website: Or phone +86 21 2311 6865. Prizewinning entries and qualifiers’ entries will be exhibited on the official Website, published and exhibited around the world before the 2010 Expo.

Prize winners

Here are the winning posters:

An Jiayuan

Nakazawa, Sadayuki

Wesseling, Floor

Qin Yang

Yan Kai

Hu Xueqin

Ahmadi, Pooya

Lei Yu

Xin Jing

Liu Yihong

Tang Yiming

Zhang Zhaogong

Sugisaki, Shinnoske

Buettner, Feliks

Itoh, Toyotsugu

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