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Winners of the competition "Utilita Manifesta / Design for Social", Italy, 2011
Received from Thomas Bohm
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On February 20, 2012, the organizer of the competition, Utilita Manifesta/design for social, published the twenty winners of a poster competition about "Design for Volunteering, Peace, Human Rights". They received 400 entries world-wide of which 20 finalists were chosen for best projects in the graphic design category.

Below are the winning entries:

At. User Design, Leicester (GB)

Bang Won-lee

Cerrella, Mariano Coco

Davis, Maxwell A.

De Marchi, Alessandra Selene

Espinoza, Cesar

Grillo, Francesca

Parvari Moghaddam, Rasool

Portillo, Emmanuel

Rivetti, Mattia & Melotti, Davide & Pinca, Andrea

Seylan, Ali

Shin Jeong Chul & Lee Bang Won

Tomak, Ali

Tomak, Ali

Tomak, Ali

Wolfensohn, Nelu

Wu Zhong Hao

Wu Zhong Hao

Xu, Johnny

Yi Ching-Lin

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