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When I surf the web and find an interesting page on posters, I usually save the link to my public link list in the social bookmarking site The advantage over my normal link list is that I can attach tags to each link which makes it easier for you and me to find the link again.

For example, I can easily find all poster links on Jan Lenica (using the tag "Lenica"), or all poster exhibitions in France (using the tags "exhibition" and "France"), or all mexican poster blogs (using the tags "blog" and "Mexico"). I can search my own link list or that of all the millions of other users.

At right is a list of of the more important tags that I use. A tag is shown fat and big if I use it often, so this automatically updated cloud reflects the focus of my interests, or maybe also the number of poster pages that are currently around in the web.

The advantage over a Google search is that each link is hand picked by me, so you will not have to sift through all the garbage that Google brings us. Please see the News for more details about my use of

There are currently about 500 links on the bookmarks page, compared with about 1200 poster links now in my public link list, which is far easier to maintain. But I get the impression that the good old bookmarks page is still more popular. "It looks better", I was told.


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