WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Mieczyslaw Wasilewski

Wasilewski's selection

... It turned out that he had just finished a kind of summary of his work, a poster showing reproductions of 100 posters, magazine covers and drawings, so the material was ready to be scanned in. Wasilewski also quickly selected his twelve favorite works from this review and here they are ...

Swiat wspolczesny
1970, "Contemporary world", a poster about the space age mood of the late sixties

To be or (war) not to be?
1975, for a poster competion on the 30th anniversary of victory over fascism. Gold medal at the 6th International Poster Biennale, Warsaw 1976

Trzy kobiety
1978, for the american film "Three women" by R. Altman

Kilka pytan na tematy osobiste
1980, for the soviet film "Several personal questions" by L. Gogoberidze

Tymczasowy raj
1982, for the hungarian film "Temporary paradise" by A. Kovacs

Ostatnie Tango w Titanicu
1985, for the soviet film "Last Tango on the Titanic"

Dzieci - ofiarami pozarow
1987, a call to give money for children in need

1987, for the american film "The untouchables" on the Mafia by B. de Palma, with Sean Connery

Marzenie o nieobecnym
1987, for the GDR film "Dream about the absent" by S. Kuehn

Most na rzece Kwai
1988, for the american film "The bridge on river Kwai"

1943 - 1993
1993, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Niech zyje Kino!
1994, logo and exhibition poster for the 100th anniversary of the cinema in Poland

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