WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Festival d'Affiches de Chaumont 2000

Fax poster exhibition against french nuclear tests, organized by U.G. Sato

9 kb In August 1995, U.G. Sato invited his graphic designer colleagues to send him posters by fax to protest french nuclear tests on the island Mururoa in the Pacific, uncomfortably close in time and space to Japan. He got many responses, and contacted Gerard Paris-Clavel who enlarged the messages to poster size and used them in a street demonstration in Paris on September 11, 1995. U.G. Sato, Paris-Clavel and his group Ne pas plier were quickly stopped by the police, as Alain Weill recounts in the catalogue. The posters, however, could not be arrested, and about hundred of them were shown in Chaumont.

Koji Mizutani Masakuni Fujikake Mamoru Suzuki Yoshinobu Yamada Yoshio & Takeo Kato Takeshi Othaka

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