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According to epistemiological quantum typography, the character M may evoke different socio-cultural associations depending on contextual linguistic fields. The following examples from Chaumont and other parts of the world have come to the attention of our research departement:

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Poster by Grafik-Studentin Brigitte M. from C., submitted to the student competition. The german word "erde" means "earth" and refers to the worldwide popularity of the character M
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In Kiev, the meaning of M is made clear from the ukrainian text which reads, in part, as "Over 3 billions sold"
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M, when attached to Alain Weill's belly, is promoting political posters in Chaumont, or maybe the depilatory effects of eating too often at McLenin's
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Poster by B. Marais, Ecole des beaux-arts, Caen (F), on french culinary preferences. Please use a dictionnary to translate the french words "Hotel", "Grill" or "Merde"

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