WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Festival d'Affiches de Chaumont 2000

Austrian politics

The success of Joerg Haider's right wing party in the austrian parlamentary elections was not well received in France, and many students - but few professionals - expressed their fears of a resurgence of nazi ideology. This example by David Valy of the ENSAD school in Paris, "Haider mon Amour", was a huge success in the streets of Chaumont but did not find favor with the jury of the student's competition. The idea of painting a mustache on a portrait to imply proximity to Hitler was "not original enough" to win a prize.

in front of City Hall
a play of words with a traffic sign for "Detour" hijacking a Dior poster for the perfume "j'adore" pasted over an ad from a "young graphic designer looking for a worthy cause to fight for"

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