WEB POSTER EXHIBITION - Festival d'Affiches de Chaumont 2000

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Posters against oil pollution

During the first term in 2000, students of the Ecole Superieur des Art Graphiques de Penninghen worked on the theme of the oil spill of the tanker Erika that polluted many of the Bretagne beaches
Rapists, we will get you (1995)

Posters by german autonomous movements. A book hoch die kampf dem with about 3000 of them on a CD has recently been published by Sandy K. et al.
Poster by Louis Galice (1893) from the Dutailly collection

In 1905, Gustave Dutailly gave his collection of 5000 posters to the city of Chaumont, and thus is at the root of this festival. Each year, a small selection is shown in a special exhibition
Poster by Gerard Paris-Clavel (1996), being removed for the announcement of prize winners

The exhibition of the 91 posters picked by the preselection jury from about 1400 sent in for the international competition is the main event of the festival. Buy the catalogue, editet by Alain Weill and Florence Robert, to see them all.
Poster by Gerard Paris-Clavel (1993), in the central market hall

In the early nineties, the city of Fontenay-sous-bois, close to Paris, decided to offer public advertising space for a yearly event Graphisme dans la rue. Paris-Clavel, Claude Baillargeon, Michel Quarez were the first to use this Gallery in the street for their social art
Silkscreen posters on "Figures d'engagement" by french graphic design students

If a sufficiently handsome photographer turned up in the parks of Chaumont, the spontaneous creation of poster exhibitions could sometimes been observed. Try it yourself next year.
Magazine cover by Garth Walker

Garth Walker runs the South African design studio Orange Juice Design (now belonging to Ogilvy & Mather) and publishes, since 1995, the magazine i-jusi (orange juice in Zulu language). The covers were blown up to poster size for the exhibition.
Exhibition of the student competition "Etudiants, tous a Chaumont"

Parallel to the international competition, there is a student poster competition, this year with the identical theme. Persistent rumour has it that this exhibition was even better than the big one.

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